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Become a Vendor – Infraa – wholesale Building material online

You can sell online, all building materials that you sell in your counter. Reach millions of customers and increase your sales.

WHY SELL ON infraa.co.in

Join a marketplace which connects building material fraternity customers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors and agents for a transparent deal

Low Fees

It doesn’t take much to list your products online only when you make a sale, infraa.co.in charges transaction fee of just 1-5% on sales value.
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Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy
to manage, promote and grow your
business, equipping you for future sales technology
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Support 24/7

Our support is available to promote and grow your business. We undertake personalized professional digital marketing services.
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Register and list your products

  • Register  your  business for  free  
  • Our www.infraa.co.in Advisers will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online

Set up your store and List your products

  • Our Business manager will help you to setup your store  (It costs up to Rs.3000 one time payment), 
  • Once setup of your store is completed, you can list  your store on line selecting suitable subscription plan of your choice (Free till 31st March 2021).  Get  free training  on  how to run  your online business
  • We  will  help and guide you to  promote  your business on line, to have superior edge  over  your competitors

Receive orders and sell your products

  • Reach customers searching for  products listed by you. Customers directly places orders to you.
  • You should list your products at very competitive price, to attract  customers
  • You can give discount for bulk purchases.
  • You can fix different prices to  retailers / customers.
  • Your whole sale price to retailers will be displayed only to retailers. Customers cannot see this price 

Pack and ship with ease

  • Order placed buy customers once approved by you customer will be communicated about  delivery, your location details, contact number  etc enabling them for a local pickup
  • Vendors will bill  to infraa.co.in, deliver to customer, after taking payment.
  • Admin fees (1-5% depending on category) need to be paid  once you have collected payment from customer.
  • You can extend credit  to some customers based on their credit history. Infraa will  share customer's payment history to enable you to take appropriate decision.

Get payments and grow your business

  • All your business are cash and carry.  Collect full payment  at the time of delivering material.
  • Encourage your counter customers to place order on line  at less than counter price, and  realise payment immediately. Do not extend credit with out knowing payment history of the customer.
  • Admin not responsible for non-collection of payment or credit extended by you.


Affordable, transparent, and secure

It  cost only one time setup cost of Rs. 3000 to create your store.  and  to  list your  store on line  it  costs only Rs. 1000/month  ( annual subscription) 

Rs. 3000
One time Store Set up Fees
Rs. 2000
1 Month Listing Fee
Rs. 4500
3 Month Listing Fee
Rs. 12000
12 Month Listing Fee

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • You can reach targeted customers when they search for building material products on line
  • We are not merely give you lead, but give you order.
  • No hassle  of shipment to long distances.  You will  deliver  to nearby  location / customers will pickup from  your go down
  • You will  get  digital marketing consultancy for  development and growth of your business
  • You have  24 X 7  customer support,
  • You can integrate your store products to your website for a nominal cost.
  • You can extend credit to customers whose payment habit is good.  We give you customer payment  history
  • You can see customers payment history . Based on this you can filter good customers.  Cheaters and  habitual defaulters can be weeded out of the industry
  • You can chat with customers directly on the site.
We process payments with Instamojo, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from Instamojo sales on infraa.co.in will be deposited into your bank account with in 76 hours.


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Here are some common questions about selling on infraa.co.in

How do fees work on Infraa.co.in ?

Joining and opening a store on infraa.co.in is easy and costs less than Rs.3000. There are three basic selling fees:  Set up fees + a listing fee + a transaction fee.

  • One time setup cost  irrespective of  subscription plan is Rs. 3000/store depending on no. images and products.
  • 1 Month subscription Rs.2000
  • 3 Month Subscrition  Rs.4500
  • Annual Subscription  Rs.12000.

you can opt to choose monthly payment of subscription .  (Kindly see  subscription plans). 

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s easy to set up a shop on infraa.co.in. Create an infraa account (if you don’t  have one), set your shop location and , choose a shop name, create a listing, set a payment method  (how you want to be paid), and finally set a billing method .  Then  fill  the  product details, prices, description, discounts etc.  Your store will be activated.

How do I get paid?

All payments are cash and carry.  No hassles of credit.  You will collect payment  at the time of delivering material.  If  a customer paid  to infraa.co.in  at the time of booking order, then same will be credited to your bank account with in 76 hours.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

You need to make online payment  to create your shop.  This is  one time  setup cost ( up to Rs. 3000). Also you need to select appropriate subscription plan to list your store products online.  You can pay this money online by, Debit card/ credit card/ NEFT/ Bank transfer  etc.  In case if you want to us to collect payment in person, kindly call us on 7395975577.

What can I sell on Infraa.co.in?

infraa.co.in  provides a marketplace for building materials.  Only products  fall in to  building material industry    are allowed to be listed on our site.  

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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