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About us – Infraa – wholesale Building material online

Welcome to infraa.co.in

www.infraa.co.in  is  unique market place which connects independent home builders, professionals vendors and manufacturers of Building material fraternity on a single platform.

You can  search any product which  falls under  building material category on this platform.  You have all products listed on this platform. If you could not find  product you search for, then try with  related tags. We make sure that all  products  that you  search for is  available on  this market place. Still if you could not find product you search for please  reach us.

We display list  of vendors  selling product you search for in  your location,  you choose  appropriate vendor to place order with.  You will notice  vendors have displayed  their products  at lesser than their counter sale price.  We have created  perfect competition among  vendors and manufacturers benefiting end consumers.

In case of high value transaction you have an option to  pay for material   at  the  time  of   taking delivery      (local pickup facility is available).  You will  have  better options from various vendors of  your location,  resulting  in saving of, time, effort  and money.

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Discover www.infraa.co.in ’s Planned Journey

July 2017
Gets launched as online martketplace
May 2018
Attracted new investors, modified business process from single vendor system to multi vendor system
March 2020
Launched new website infraa.co.in to create a larger platform for all vendors to display their products on this market place, creating perfect competition among vendors and manufacturers
April 2021
will be launched in Hyderabad and Banglore
April 2022
Will be launched in all Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota
Sep 2023
infraa.co.in will be launched in all 5 lakh and above population towns
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